Thread Lifts

Changes occur with age, altering the shape of the face and your appearance. These are due to a combination of loss of skin elasticity and volume loss. A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure designed to raise the mid-face, lower face and neck area and soften lines around the mouth and nose. It is sometimes referred to as a “lunch time face lift.” Thread lifts are effective for reducing the early signs of ageing, and they produce natural looking results which can last for some time.

Silhouette Soft is the 21st century lift without needing surgery. It is minimally invasive procedure that is performed in the office with minimal downtime and fast recovery. This treatment has a dual lift-and-collagen-regenerating effect. Silhouette Soft thread lifts are recommended for younger and middle aged patients who are not yet ready for a full facelift. Dr Skippen does not perform full surgical facelifts. A thread lift is not suitable for patients with a large amount of loose, excess skin around the face and neck. The best candidates are men and women who are beginning to experience the earlier effects of ageing. A thread lift can be combined with other dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections by Dr Skippen for optimum results.

Dr Skippen has been specifically trained in the use of Silhouette Soft thread lifts. Usually several threads are required on each side of the face for optimum effect. A thread lift only requires a tiny opening in the skin, and the risk of scarring following treatment is minimal. The end result is a subtle, but noticeable improvement in facial contour.

Are thread lifts safe?

Yes. Thread lifts can cause bruising and swelling but this resolves in a couple of days. The risk of infection is negligible. All procedures carry a risk of complications, but these risks are small and can be discussed further during the consultation.

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